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Roadtrip gjennom Namibia

Roadtrip Namibia

Roadtrip gjennom Namibia. På 14 dager reiser filmteamet hele 5132 km. Utrolig landskap, dyreliv, mennesker og vakre solnedganger.

Se den fantastiske videoen fra Namibia laget av Marcin Zabinski:

NAMIBIA Roadtrip Namibia. 5132 km / 14 days. Incredible landscapes & wildlife. Wonderful people. Gorgeous sunsets. I hope this clip inspires you to travel Namibia and reminds you on the beauty of our planet and its species. Protect your environment. If you like it, share & inspire your friends. #Namibia #wildlife Posted by Marcin Zabinski Filmmaking on 1. mai 2017


What a garden in front… 5 million years old.. any idea where I am?


Camping around the rock..

Camping around the rock.. #campingtrip @campingofficial

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when dunes meets the ocean…

when dunes meets the ocean… #namibia #dunes

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Sunset at Spitzkoppe ?

Sunset at Spitzkoppe ? #namibian #sundowner

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Stay tuned for my new Namibia clip coming out soon. Here just a short scene from an interesting plant. Any ideas what is and how long it’s surviving without a single drop of water?



Skeleton Coast

This legendary place, words cannot describe. Watch my video in bio ?

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Sossusvlei Desert, Namíbia

Dead Vlei Photoshooting

Dead Vlei Photoshooting

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Little Kulala Lodge

Ozongwindi Lodge

Miss you #namibia ?8075 km – makes me feel a bit sad.

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Chobe Game Reserve (Botswana)



Sossusvlei (Namib-Naukluft Park)


Kolmanskop Ghost Town (Luderitz)


Okaukuejo waterhole (Etosha National Park)


Spitzkoppe (Damaraland)