Airbnb-leilighet med 30 meters basseng!

Denne luksuriøse Airbnb-leiligheten i Frankrike har et 30 meter akvariebasseng … og det er fantastisk! Leiligheten ligger i Bandol, i Sør-Frankrike.

91-FOOT AQUARIUM POOL | Villa on the Rocks, France

This Airbnb in France has a 91-foot aquarium pool.

Dive in to this 91-foot lap pool that can be viewed from inside and outside of this 10,000+ square foot French mega-villa in the south of France (Bandol).

It is uniquely shaped like a four-story airport runway with ceilings of glass and long, narrow, open rooms, but it’s true magic is the pool with 40 feet of two-sided, aquarium-style viewing.

Perched up in the hills and surrounded by vineyards, you can expect all the privacy in the world…except from your friends and family from other floors when you’re swimming in the pool.

Source: Youtube/ VideoVision360

Posted by NEM Furniture & Interior Design on 21. november 2017


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