2 Pin Way Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector Plug

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Car Part 2 Pin Way Sealed Waterproof Electrical Wire Auto Connector Plug Set
Reinforced Nylon material, Anti static, Stability
Sealed Waterproof dustproof, easy to install;
Use to be convenient and fast
Strong conductivity.
Component: connector part ,shell,insulator, Accessories clamp;
For best results use a hot air gun until it reduces in size and the adhesive flows, filling gaps within the terminal.
Color: Black
Type: 2 Ways
Kit 1.5mm Terminals Heat Shrink
Suit Wire up to 1.0mm
Current: 10A
Working Temperature: -40 to 150 Celsius
Quantity: 1 set
Size: Like the picture show
Fits for motorcyle,scooter,car,truck,quad bike,trike,caravan,marine,jet ski,boats,etc.
Package includes:
1 X 2 way male connector housing and insert
1 X 2 way female connector housing and insert
1 X Silicon rubber connector seal
4 X Silicon rubber cable seals
2 X Male terminals
2 X Female terminals